Monstrously fast website load speeds for your customers from the United Kingdom, the rest of Europe and Africa

With us, you are able to host your websites and apps in a state–of–the–art datacenter outside Coventry, UK. In this way, your web sites will be closer to your Europe–based target visitors and will load faster on their Internet–connected devices than websites hosted in the USA, for instance. The UK Servers datacenter provides the highest security degree and is staffed 24–7–365 by veteran administrators who maintain the physical machines to guarantee a 99.9 percent uptime.

In our British datacenter you’ll be able to host all types of web sites – from hobby weblogs and small–business web sites to content–rich photo galleries and commercial portals. We offer you a collection of Linux shared web hosting plans, so you will be able to opt for the one that most closely meets your current and prospective needs. All hosting plans offer a 30–day money–back guarantee and are backed up by a 24/7/365 customer support service. You can choose the UK datacenter right after you select your web hosting package on the order page.

United Kingdom Linux Virtual Private Servers

If you want something a little more powerful than a Linux shared web hosting, we have something that will answer your requirements. In the UK datacenter you will also find Virtual Private Servers. All our United Kingdom Linux Virtual Private Servers plans are backed up by a 99.9% network uptime guarantee and a 24x7 help desk service. Plus, all our United Kingdom Linux Virtual Private Servers allow you to choose between three different Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu) and Control Panels (cPanel – $15 USD/mo, Hepsia – free, DirectAdmin – free.