The success of your site relies not simply on its actual content, but on the overall user experience and the latter can be vastly affected by the network connection to the server where the Internet site is hosted. A great site will do no good if, for example, a few individuals can browse it very quick, but the channel capacity is low, so other site visitors must wait and are not able to open anything, or if everyone is able to reach the site, yet the overall network speed is lower, so it takes a minute to open a web page, let alone to load a huge image or an online video. The network capacity is a component that could have a considerable effect on your Internet site, so it is something you should take into account when you choose where to host your Internet sites. Higher throughput and access speeds will ensure fast loading Internet sites and more completely satisfied visitors.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Shared Web Hosting

When you get a shared web hosting service from us, you'll be able to take advantage of the multi-gigabit routes which we use, regardless of the location of your account. We ensure outstanding connectivity in all data centers - in Chicago (USA), in London (UK) and in Sydney (Australia), so any website hosted inside them will load very fast all the time. Each one of the 3 facilities has direct fiber connections with other major metropolitan areas on the respective continents, and to overseas cities, so how fast your Internet sites will open depends completely on your visitors’ connection to the Internet. By using redundant providers, we guarantee that there shall not be any sort of service interruptions due to a slow or bad connection. We use brand new powerful hardware to make sure that the network inside the data centers can handle substantial traffic volumes without affecting the speed or the overall performance of the sites.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Semi-dedicated Hosting

The semi-dedicated hosting accounts that we provide are created in our state-of-the-art data center in downtown Chicago and if you decide to host your Internet sites with us, you will be able to benefit from the multi-gigabit connection which our web hosting platform is using with no restrictions or speed shaping. Put simply, your visitors shall be able to be able to browse your websites as fast as their own connection allows them to. Our center represents a fantastic option to reach the large North American market, due to the fact that it provides fiber connections to both the East Coast and the West Coast. Consistent access to your sites is guaranteed by a redundant network that addresses the incoming and the outgoing website traffic as well as the connectivity between the clusters that build up our platform. In addition, the data center uses dedicated channels from a number of the largest backbone providers within the U.S., so you can be certain that no infrastructural problem shall ever affect the proper operation of your websites.