Solid–State Drives

Quickly boost your website’s loading speed

In case you would like to give your web site a performance boost, all you need to do is simply to host it with us. Our shared web hosting servers have solid–state drives, so on every server you will take advantage of unmatched read ’n’ write speeds, which will make your web site blazing–fast.

With the excellent Internet connectivity provided by all our cloud web hosting Data Centers, your website will start working faster without the need for any extra modifications on your end.

Data Backups

Ever lost your site content? Turn to our data backup solution

When put on the Internet, your web site content is a potential subject to hacker assaults. It can even be affected even by your very own involuntary actions. Choose us and, there is nothing to worry about, given that we maintain a backup copy of your website content, which can retrieved whenever you want. Furthermore, you can make manual back–up copies of your whole website with one click of the mouse using the File Manager, which is incorporated into the Web Hosting Control Panel. Our system will successfully restore all website files and will merge them into an archive file, which will be kept in your account.


A safe web application firewall software

We offer an instant way of protecting every single web application in your hosting account, irrespective of whether it is newly installed or has been transferred from some other web hosting company. All our shared web hosting plans come with ModSecurity – a web application firewall program, which is enabled automatically. We have configured it to automatically obstruct the majority of hack attacks. This implies that the moment you host your website with us, it’ll be safer than ever before.

A Database Manager

An easy way to control databases

With many web hosting providers, database management is unjustifiably prolonged. In order to create a workable database, you must proceed through 3 different steps. And if you choose our Database Manager, you will have to go through just 1 step – the database’s name and its corresponding password. And that’s all.

We’ve also included a single–click database backup tool. You will not need to log in to the phpMyAdmin tool to make a database backup.

Web App Installer

A 1–click Web Apps Installer with over forty PHP scripts

In the Web Hosting Control Panel you can find a fast, one–click Web Apps tool, via which you can install more than 40 totally free PHP scripts. It can help you get your online journal, Internet forum, photo album or shopping portal online within seconds. Simply pick out your preferred application, specify the details and click on the Install button. That is it! The system will accomplish the installation instead of you within seconds. Absolutely no code to write, no software to set up.

24x7 Support

24–7 Client Support

Our team of skilled technicians will be available 24/7 for any questions that you may have with regard to our shared web hosting services. Irrespective of whether you are in need of guidance or have a serious problem to settle, we are here to assist you. You can reach us via email or via the ticket system. A sixty–minute response is guaranteed. You can also call us or use the live chat service during work hours.

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